2019 Year In Touring Charts 2019: Ed Sheeran, Springboks Confirm First Opponents On 2021 End

2019 tours by Sheeran, P!nk, Elton John & The Stones carry over to 2019’s year-end lists, while the year-end Top Tours chart deepens to reflect busy business.

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Months after Ed Sheeran wrapped the record-setting The Divide Tour, he adds another incredible vietfriend.vn Boxscore stat to an already-embarrassing list. As the 2019 year-end Boxscore charts close (see charts, below), Sheeran is the second artist in Boxscore history to have the top-grossing tour for two consecutive years. According to figures reported to vietfriend.vn Boxscore, he grossed $223.7 million and sold 2,587,445 tickets.

vietfriend.vn”s Year-End Boxscore charts are based on engagements that played between Nov. 1, 2018 and Oct. 31, 2019.

The Rolling Stones are the only other act to achieve this two-timer feat, having topped the 1998-99 year-end lists. But while they earned top-grossing honors in both years, the were beat in total attendance by Dave Matthews Band and NSYNC in 1999, making Sheeran the first act to ever out-grossandoutsell all artists for two years in a row.

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Sheeran is one of six artists to win two (or more) year-end gold medals. The Grateful Dead (1991; 1993) and Madonna (2004; 2012) each scored two top honors. Bon Jovi did it three times over six years (2008; 2010; 2013), The Rolling Stones topped the list five times (1995; 1998-99; 2003; 2006), and U2 holds the record with seven year-end wins (1992; 1997; 2001; 2005; 2009; 2011; 2017).

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Aspreviously reported, The Divide Tour ran from March 17, 2017 through Aug. 26, 2019, becoming the highest grossing and best-selling tour of all time along the way. The trek’s final $776.2 million gross eclipsed U2’s $736.4 million forThe 360° Tour (2009-11).

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Fronted by Sheeran, the leaders of this year’s Top Tours chart are closer to earth than the few gargantuan tours that reigned over 2018. Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé & Jay-Z all hit career highs with massive global stadium tours, topping $400 million (Sheeran’s The Divide Tour), $300 million (Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour), and $250 million (The Carters’ On The Run II Tour).

This year’s heavy hitters didn’t reach those stratospheric heights, mostly due to circumstance. Sheeran and P!nk had abbreviated 2019 legs that wrapped in August. BTS played select markets around the world. The Rolling Stones swept North American stadiums in a short summer leg that complimented their 2017-18 European dates. But as you look further down the Top Tours ranking, you’ll see major tours stack up, reaching across generations and genres.

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vietfriend.vn extended the Top Tours chart from 25 positions to 40 this year, highlighting the touring industry’s strong showing in 2019. While 2018’s top 10 couldn’t be matched, 2019 starts catching up outside the upper tier. The Spice Girls are at No. 15 with $78.2 million, narrowly edging out 2018’s No. 15 tour (Celine Dion; $76.5 million). And then the gap starts to widen: Hugh Jackman at No. 20 with $70.7 million (Dead & Company was No. 20 last year with $56.2 million) and Dead & Company at No. 25 with $63.1 million (Jay-Z was No. 25 last year with $46 million). That’s a 39% increase over Jay-Z’s 2018 total, which capped the 25-position ranking. This year, Drake rounds out the list at No. 40 with a gross of $44 million, a total that would have positioned him at No. 27 just last year.

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