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Donna DiMaggio Berger

Bernie Friedman

Steven H. Mezer

Lee A. Weintraub

Michael E. Boutzoukas


Your Guide to PPP Loan Forgiveness

Are Your Board’s Emergency Powers Still in Effect?

COVID-19: Services and Insights


The Fallacy Behind New Jersey’s Sports Betting Strategy

13 Becker Attorneys Recognized as Best Lawyers in America®

Becker & Poliakoff Achieves First-Tier Rankings in Inaugural “Best Law Firms” Survey by U.S. News Media Group and Best Lawyers

Week 9 Webinar: COVID-19 Best Practices for Community Associations

Becker & Poliakoff Announces 8 Recipients of 2017 Best Lawyers in America ® Honors August 17, 2016

Jak dostat internetové sázení pod kontrolu?

Becker’s Washington Weekly: Week of October 26, 2020

19 Becker Attorneys Recognized as Best Lawyers in America® in 2021 Edition

Yolanda Cash Jackson Honored as ‘Best Mentor’ in Daily Business Review’s 2020 Professional Excellence Awards

2010 State Legislative Accomplishments

Data Breaches: Statutory and Civil Liability, and How to Prevent and Defend A Claim

Becker Awarded FLCAJ Readers’ Choice Award For Sixth Consecutive Year

Massachusetts AG Review May Spell Trouble For Daily Fantasy Sports

Chamber of Southwest Florida Appoints Becker & Poliakoff Attorney Steven P. Kushner to Board of Directors

Becker’s Spotlight: Top 2020 House Races to Watch

Becker Awarded FLCAJ Readers’ Choice Award For Seventh Consecutive Year

Becker & Poliakoff Receives Top Level Recognition in Reader’s Choice Award

Going Too Far Down the Rabbit Hole: How Our National Political Discourse Parallels Our Community Association Discourse

Congratulations to Steven B. Lesser and All of Becker’s Best Lawyers in America® 2019

Becker & Poliakoff Wins Florida Community Association Journal 2015 Diamond Level Readers’ Choice Award

Make Your Voice Heard in 2020 Legislative Session

Fourth Annual Readers’ Choice Award Winners Announced

Mass. AG Review May Spell Trouble For Daily Fantasy Sports

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Board

Impeachment of a Civil Litigant with Criminal Convictions, The Florida Bar Journal

What Fee Arrangement Is Best for Your Community’s Litigation?

Donna DiMaggio Berger appears in KW Property Management Webinar “One Year Later: COVID-19 Best Practices for Community Associations.”

Hugo Alvarez quoted in STORMY WEATHER article by Lori Chordas on Best Review

Heidi F. Friedman Named Among American Institute of Legal Counsel’s 10 Best Elder Law Attorneys

“COVID-19 Q&A’s For Community Association,” News-Press

Learn to Use all of the Tools on the CALL Website

Is Your Real Estate Agent On Your Side?

96-Page Community Association Bill Filed

Sports Betting Could Boost Casino Traffic

2009 State Legislative Accomplishments

Could States Approve Casinos as Daily Fantasy Sports Operators?

With Casinos Everywhere, South Florida Owners Seek Help

Full Court Press: Rolling the Dice on Legalization of Sports Wagering 
in Mass. Casinos

Board Can Regulate Alcohol on Common Property

Tropical Storm Isaac – Update

OJ Simpson Parole, DraftKings and FanDuel Merger Trouble, Redskins Mascot News, an Legalizing Sports Betting Update

The Mike Trout Law and MLB Legal Issues with Nathanial Grow

Becker Obtains Preliminary Injunction Enjoining Former Employees from Utilizing Allegedly Misappropriated Information

“Charging Excessive Fees Could Spell Big Trouble,” FLCAJ Magazine

“Communication With Your Attorney,” FCAP Managers Report

Fiduciary Fight

“Best Mentors: Yolanda Cash Jackson Has Inverse Ratio for Talking, Listening,” Daily Business Review

Tyra N. Read Named Among American Institute of Legal Counsel’s 10 Best Real Estate Law Attorneys

Becker & Poliakoff Attorney Steven B. Lesser Recognized as “Construction Lawyer of the Year” for South Florida

Eleven Becker & Poliakoff Attorneys Listed In The Best Lawyers In America® 2018

Jameis Winston’s Best Legal Move May be Drop Out of Florida State

Florida Community Association Journal and Becker & Poliakoff Announce 3rd Annual Florida Communities of Excellence Awards

Vacation Rentals and Community Association Omnibus Bill

Keeping Politics Out of Your Community Association

How COVID-19 Affects Residential Sales or Purchases Under the FAR BAR Contract

FAR Coronavirus (COVID-19) Extension Addendum to Contract – Explained

SB 522 Makes it Harder for Local Governments to Restrict Airbnb; Bad Construction Bill Filed; No More Sprinkler Relief for Older High-Rises

Feeling the Heat: Restaurants and Bars Must Adapt to Ensure Survival

Four Tips to Help You Make an Offer on a Home

Coronavirus Disrupts Major Projects

2020 Florida Session: Legislative Update

Condos, Cruise Ships and COVID-19: Surprising Commonalities

Bigger Is Seldom Better

Do the Deadlines on the FAR BAR “AS-IS” Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase expire at 5:00pm or 11:59pm?

CALL Summer Survey Series: The Results Are In! (Part 1)

Forcing the Sale of Property After Breach of Sales Agreement

How to Sell a Home While Trying to Buy One at the Same Time

Associations Being Threatened with Website Litigation

Proposed Florida Legislation Might Help Stem the Tide of Fraudulent Emotional Support Animal Requests

A Brief History of CALL

HonestESA Initiative Starts Now!

Hiring your own Public Adjuster – A Survey and Chance to WIN $100

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Who Gets Credit for the Deposit When Unmarried Couples Partition a Home?

Session is Moving Fast – Are You Keeping Up?

Session Ends and Long Awaited ESA Bill Passes!

Regulation of Vacation Rentals, HB 1011 and SB 1128

Why Brokers Should Consider a Land Use Attorney

SB 802/HB 733 MRTA & Housing Discrimination

Controlling Uncontrollable Expenses

Police Vehicles, Vacation Rentals and Emotional Support Animals

Federal Coronavirus Legislation and Enforcing Your COVID-19 Protocols

Feeling the Impact? Lower Your Costs in the Development Application Process

Covid-19 and Your Residential Community

Florida Governor Extends COVID-19 State of Emergency Another 60 Days: State and Local Opportunities to Extend Certain Permits in Florida Due to COVID-19 May Be Available

Attorney Fees with Respect to Brokerage Commissions

Pre-Judgment and Post-Judgment Interest

Are there skeletons in your Association’s closet?

10 Things to Know About Florida’s New Emotional Support Animal Law

Airbnb and Your Community – A Survey and Chance to WIN $100

Liquidated Damages and Your Listing Agreement

How to Deal With Seller Delays With Respect to Commissions

Witnessing Lease Agreements: What Did, and Did Not, Change

Five Mistakes All First Time Home Buyers Should Avoid Making

Governor Declares State of Emergency Due to Hurricane Isaias

CALL’s COVID-19 Survey Results

Managing Government Approval for Community Repairs and Improvements

Executive Order: Broward County Realtors

Emotional Support Animal Bill Goes to the Governor

Coronavirus and Force Majeure: Questions Remain

State and Local Opportunities to Extend Certain Permits in Florida Due to COVID-19 May Be Available

Attorney Spotlight: Philip C. Rosen

The HEROES Act Spells Disaster for Community Associations

Questions Potential Buyers Should Consider When Buying an Investment Property During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Can You Lose Your Escrow Deposit Because Your Buyer’s Agent or Lender is Not Diligent?

Everything You Need to Know About Net Leases

Challenging the New Development Next Door

Helpful or Harmful? Emotional Support Animals in Your Community

House Passes Two Affordable Housing Bills

Perpetual Leases

Closings During COVID-19: How RON Has Forever Changed The Real Estate Industry

So You Want to Be a Real Estate Agent

Unlicensed Practice of Law

The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a House – a Personal Experience

Pop-Up Leasing is Good for Everyone

Time’s Up: Florida’s Ban on Evicting Delinquent Tenants Has Lapsed

Property Damage and Falls: When Things Go Wrong

Attorneys Need Not Always Be Your Attack Dog

Statewide Vote for Destination Casinos? A Possibility for 2014

DOJ Argues No Such Thing as “Unregulated” Sports Betting Since Casinos & Racetracks Still Subject to Licensing Requirements; Backtracks on Prior Statements that NJ Free to Repeal Ban

Fantasy Sports & the Law: Implications for Casinos

Daniel Wallach Quoted in Gambling Compliance on Link Between Super Bowl and N.J. Sports Betting Case

NFLPA Files Another TRO in Elliott Suspension

NJ Sports Betting Chances Boosted by Strong Response to TRO Motion; Oral Argument Likely

“Apathy is Everywhere,” Florida Community Association Journal

An Association’s Obligation Regarding Neighbor Versus Neighbor Disputes

“Who Said What?” Board Officers Should be Careful how They Handle Their Official vs. Personal Communications to Members – Part I

“How Does Your Collections Policy Stack Up?,” FLCAJ

Illegal Rentals Might Mean Jail Time

Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”) Accessibility for Websites

What Notice is Required for a Rule Amendment?

State and Local Opportunities to Extend Certain Permits in Florida Due to COVID-19 May Be Available to Associations

E-Notice for Everyone

Mi Voto Cuenta.

Becker’s Construction Practice Receives Top Band 1 Recognition in 2020 Chambers USA Guide

Federal Grand Jury Likely to Bring Charges Against Daily Fantasy Sports

Supreme Court Offers New Jersey Hope in Sports Betting Appeal, Asks for Trump Administration View

Daniel Wallach Quoted in Gambling Compliance about Prospects of Supreme Court Granting Certiorari in N.J. Sports Betting Controversy

Becker & Poliakoff Attorney Michael Góngora Honored in Pink Flamingo Awards

“Run Out Every Ground Ball: A Good Lesson for Lawyers,” Daily Business Review

Keeping Politics Out of Your Community Association

2019 Florida Legislative Session – CALL Alert for February 26, 2019

Keeping ‘Green’ Contracts Clear

“Armed and Dangerous,” CAI Common Ground

Concerns With Public Bidding For Green Buildings

What Are Your Board’s Rights and Obligations with Regard to Sales and Financing in Your Community?

“How the Lessons Learned in Elementary School Will Help Your Association,” FCAP Managers Report

“The Threshold Question On Threshold Inspections: To Whom Does The Threshold Inspector Owe A Duty?,” ActionLine

COVID-19: Risk Management of the Worksite

How to Find an Effective Community Association Lawyer

“Who Said What?” When Members Use Social Media and Other Platforms to Inappropriately Communicate about Association Business – Part II

Sea Level Rise: Forewarned is Forearmed

Surprise: Community Associations Entitled to Have Fire Hydrants Maintained by Water Purveyor

Solar Panels & HOAs: Can They Be Restricted?

PSA: Condominiums and Websites

Adapting to Short-Term Rentals: What You Need to Know About Restrictions

Audit Requirements Depend On Revenue

Developer Not Entitled to Indemnity for Own “Broken Promises”

Adoption of Rules Does Not Necessarily Require Membership Vote

Lee County Wants To Speed Up Hurricane Cleanup

Leftover Funds Must Be Returned or Credited

Review Your Insurance Policy to Ensure That Your Claim Won’t Be Decided in—New York?

Agency Revisits Term Limit Issue

HOA Board Meetings Must Be Open

No Cooling Off Period Required After Failed Amendment

Owners Can Record Meetings; Free Speech Rights Unclear

What’s Up with All This Traffic? The Impact of Neighboring Development on Community Association Roads

Election Process – Part 2 of 2

Slow Your Roll: How to Address Speeding Issues in Your Association

Is Incivility Having an Impact on the Operation of Your Association?

M. de la Camara conversa con Raquel Regalado y Felix Guillermo de Radio Caracol

Phony Parking Violation Letters in Condominiums

Director Elections in HOAs (i.e. Welcome to the Wild, Wild West)

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Effect On Association Collections

Obtaining a Bank Loan; Step-by-Step

“Is a Community Association Responsible for the Acts of Its Volunteers?,” SFPMA

The Association’s Strong Hand for the Removal of Non-Approved Structures

Exercising with Caution | Requirements for Gym Openings in New Jersey

“What to Do When a Vendor Damages Association Property,” FCAP Managers Report

Is Second-Hand Smoke Leaving a Bad Taste in Your Mouth?

Hurricane Insurance Claims for Condominium Associations

“Don’t Tread on Me”: The Permissibility of the Gadsden Flag in Your Community

Can Community Association Members Record Board Meetings?

COVID-19 Presents Unique Questions for Associations – Part II

Martin Cabalar Appears in Part Two of ,“You Have the Building, We Have the Solution”

Be Wary of MRTA

Does My Association Include Fully Funded Reserves in Its Proposed Budget?

Florida Supreme Court Rules COVID-19 Pandemic Constitutes “Natural Emergency”

Slowly Getting Over the Hump: Addressing Speeding with Traffic Calming Devices

To Notice, or Not to Notice, That Is the Question: Closed Board Meetings

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