The 7 Best Remote Team Building Activities In 2020, Activities To Help Motivate Your Team In 2020


We’ve compiled a list of 26 virtual team building ideas to improve morale and bond with your team during the COVID-19 Pandemic. With the majority of corporate groups working from their homes, virtual team building activities are one of the few ways you can help keep remote employees connected and engaged. 

Updated on July 31, 2020

Although you may not be able to gather in the breakroom or take part in traditionalcompanyevents right now, there are many virtual team building options to help your group stay engaged!

And if you’re unsure how to go about getting started, check out our resource for planning a virtual team building activity.

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In this article, you’ll learn about 26 ideas for virtual team building activities, including: 

Our team searched the web and came up with a list of our top 26 favorite virtual team building activities. From pure fun to learning and development options, you and your colleagues can try any of the below to help stay connected during this unprecedented time.

Engaging Virtual Team Building Activities to Try with Your Colleagues

Stay social while social distancing! Here are 26 ways you can virtually connect with your teammates while working from home.

1. Clue Murder Mystery

In one of our most popular app-based team building activities, groups connect virtually using the video communications platform, likeZoom, and the proprietary Outback app. From there, coworkers break out into teams to solve who had the means, motive, and opportunity to commit a deadly crime.

Choose to work through the case on yourown orhave one of our event coordinators virtually host it for you.

Check outHow MyZone Used Virtual Team Building to Boost Employee Morale During COVID-19to see howthis version of Clue Murder Mystery works. You can also watch the above video to get a sense of how you and your group can take part.

2. Coffee Breaks and Happy Hours


One of the most enjoyable things about working in an office environment is the social aspect– walking to a nearby coffee shop or going for after-work drinks with colleagues. These are likely the little things that you’remissing.

So, why not plan virtual coffee breaks or happy hours with your team? Using any of the available online video tools like Zoom,Skype,orGoogle Hangouts,you can easily establish a remote version of these social activities.

For example, you can schedule 15-minute meetups for coffee once or twice aweek andset aside an hour after work once a month for virtual happy hour.

Don’t plan an agenda and try to avoid talking about work. This should be a purely social activity to help employees feelconnectedandengaged with one another.



By now, you’ve likely heard ofHouseparty, the face-to-face social networking app that’s exploded in popularity over the last few months. And, althoughthis group video chat platformmay seem like just another FaceTimeor Skype,Housepartycomes with some unique social features – namely games!

ThroughHouseparty, you can connect with your colleagues andplayany number of available games. Here are some of the most popularonesthat you can choose from:

Chips& Guac:In thisword association gamethat’ssimilartoApples to Apples,you’ll need between three to eight playersbefore you can get started.4.Recipe Swap


Everyone’s got to eat, so why not incorporate a little bit of team building into your weekly cooking regime! Start off by asking each person on your team to share their favorite recipe. It could bebreakfast, dinner, dessert – the choice is up to you!

Once everyone has submittedtheir recipe, challenge your colleagues to try one out each week. The entire group can tackle the same one, or you can all try your hand at something different.

Ask your team members tomake the recipe before the end of the week and then block off some time to share how it went with each other on a Friday.

5.Game Show Extravaganza


Just because you’re separated from your coworkers, doesn’t mean that playing in an exciting game show-style competition is off the table! In the virtual version of Game Show Extravaganza, you and your team will connect using the video communications platform, Zoom, and the Outback smartphone app.

In groups, tackle photo and trivia challenges that cover a range of topics, including pop culture and politics. You can opt torunthe activity yourself or have one of our event coordinators virtually host it for you.

6. Digital CardGames


If you and your colleagues are interested in taking part in more classic pastimes together, the websitePlaying Cardsoffersallofyour childhood favorites. Simply create a “room,” and choose from games, such as:

CheckersCrazy EightsGo FishMatch Up

Add an extra social element by connecting through video while you play the game, so you can see everyone’s reactions and hear the smack talk!

7.DonutMeetupson Slack


Help members of yourorganizationget to know each other better usingtheSlack-integratedDonutapp.

You can create a variety of different programs that match employees up at a frequency of your choosing.From cross-departmentalmeetupsto new hireintroductions, the various ways to connect areendless!

How does it work? Donut will random introduce coworkers through direct message,encouragingthemto organize a video chat. Whether they virtually enjoy donuts together is up to them – although highly encouraged by our team!

8.Kahoot! E-Learning


Make learning fun and stay connected withKahoot!With Kahoot! for business, you can create an interactive question-and-answer presentation in minutes. This online platform offers quizand open-endedquestions, polls, word clouds, and more.

Not meant to be a serious learning and development tool, your questions should be upbeat and relevant to your organization. Think core values, company history, and fun facts about employees.

Once you’ve made your presentation, share your screen with your team usingGoToMeeting,Zoom, or any of the previously mentioned video conferencing platforms, and let the e-learning begin!

9.Guess Whose Workspace


Away from cubicles and uniformeddesks, working remotely likely means that each of yourcolleaguesnow has a unique“office”setup.Even if they don’t have a home office.

You can turn thisunusual circumstance into an opportunity to get to know yourcoworkersbetter.Ask each member of your team to snap a photo ofa part oftheir workstation that they feel represents them or their personality.

After everyone has submitted their picture, host a video meeting. Share you screen and one by one have your group guess which item belongs to which team member. This will not only help everyoneconnect andget to know each other better,it canalsobring some laughter to an otherwise oddworksituation.

10.Code Break


Trivia wizzes will love the opportunity to flex their cognitive muscles in Code Break, another one of Outback’s virtual team building activities!

Using Zoom and the Outback smartphone app, groups will have to put their heads together to see who can solve the most puzzles, riddles, and trivia before time runs out. The team with the most points at the end will be crowned the winners!

Host the activity yourself or choose to have one of our event coordinators virtually run it for you.

11. Movie Night


Do you have a bunch of movieor television buffs on your team? Whileyoucan’texactlyhead out to the movies as a group right now, you and your colleagues can all plan to watch the same film or showon the same evening.

Decide on a movie or TV show that everyone wants to see and plan a night that you can all commit to watching it. The next day, set aside some time – before a team meeting or at the end of the day– to discuss it.

You can go over themes, favorite characters, or theories that you have, andevenencouragea little friendly debate!

Take your movie nightto the next level and watch it at the same time as yourcoworkerswhile on a video communications app like FaceTime orHouseparty.

12. PersonalityQuizzes


Get to know your colleagues in afunnew way by takingapersonality testtogetherthat revealseach of yourquirky attributes. Set up a video conference call andgo throughthequestionsat the same time. Get your results and share!

Here are a couple different free personalityquizzesthat you can try with your team:

13. Mario KartTour


If you have a teamwholoves to game,Mario Kart Tourisa great virtual team building activity to try with yourgroup.

Available for download on iPhones and Androids, you can play this app-based version of Mario Kartright from your smartphone. With access like that, it’seasy to take aquick 15-minutemental break with your team.

Challenge up to seven of your colleagues to a friendly round of races, featuring a cast of your favorite characters from the original video games.Have a video chat open on your computer at the same time to get the full competitive effect!

14.Online DrawingActivities


Looking to satisfy your employees’ creative outlets? A virtual team building activity that gets players to draw right on yourscreenmightbe just what you’re looking for.

Here are some free multiplayer options:

You’ll want to connect separately through a video app or your phone, so that you can talk to the people in your room.

15. Training and Development

Challenging your team to continue to grow professionally while they’re stuck at home can be a great way to keep employees motivated.

With Outback’s training programs, our professional facilitators will virtuallyinstruct your entire group using Zoom. This provides the added benefit of your team members getting to be face-to-face(via video, of course)as they hone their skills.

Here are a fewtraining optionsyou and your group can choose from:

Time Management:When Your Environment Has Changed and Expectations Haven’tVirtual Communication:What You Gain and What You LoseLaughter and Productivity:Why Both Are Needed Right NowLeading from Afar:Getting Results from a Distance16.OnlineFitness Club


Is your group the outdoorsy, adventuring kind?Just because you can’t head out for a hike or runwith your team, doesn’t mean you can’tcelebrate and encourage each other’s fitness goals.

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With a social fitness app likeStrava, you caneasily track your physical activity– from workouts to bike rides –andkeep up withyour colleagues’athletic accomplishments.

The app provides analytics for your personal achievements, whilealso sharing your activity to your network of friends. In your feed, you canalsoseewhatyour connectionshave been up to, comment, and givekudos!

17.App-Based Word Games


Get the competitive spirit going by challenging your coworkers to a friendly round of your favorite word game. There are plenty to choose from, including:

Set up avideoor telephone call to make the most of your competition.

18. 8 Ball Pool


Sharedappiesandbeerare likely not the only thing you’re missing about happy hour with your coworkers.For many, the bar games available at local establishments are half the fun of heading out for drinks with your team.

Whileourteamcan’t help you with darts or foosball,here’sa suggestion to satisfy yourbilliards fix:8 Ball Pool.

With this onlinevideo game,you can challenge yourcolleaguesto a virtual roundofpooldirectlythroughFacebook.Simply sign up through the social network and let the games begin!

19. Virtual Coworking


If your team used to thriveoff ofbeing in the office, remote work has likely been a challenging transition.Although you can’t be there in person to help support your team with this adjustment, you can offer an onlinealternative.

For example, some companies are choosing toprovide“virtual coworking.” This essentiallymeanskeepingavideo conference channelopenthroughout the workday, so that employees can attendand motivate themselves as they please.

It’s important to set ground rules with these open video calls though. Ensure that your team understands that it’s meant to help keep employees focused, and not be a source of distraction.

20. Coaching and Consulting


It’s not just employeeswho need virtual team building right now. If your leadership group isstruggling to remaincohesive throughthis time of isolation and remote work, a virtual coaching solution may be exactly what you need.

Working with one of our mindset and management consultants, you and your colleagues will be virtuallyled through a custom-built session.

Not sure where to start? Our team recommends the following solutions for leadership groups who are having trouble with the current situation:

21. Virtual Team Pursuit


Do you have a team that loves a good challenge? Then we’ve got the perfect virtual team building game for you.

In Team Pursuit, your team will need to get their energy levels up in order to tackle a series of mental, physical, skill, and mystery challenges, earning points for each successfully completed challenge.

What kinds of challenges will you be up against? We’re glad you asked. A few highlights include:

Air Band Geeks: Who used to or still does play an instrument? Find at least three band geeks and have them hold “air” versions of their instruments. Record a 5-second video of them playing part of a song.Juggling Responsibilities: Who can juggle? Take a 5-second video with that person juggling three or more objects.Tasty Trivia: You throw away the outside and cook the inside. Then you eat the outside and throw away the inside. What is it?Commonalities: Determine your team’s most unique commonality. Once you figure out the most unique thing your group has in common, write a rap or rhyme about it of at least 4 lines. Then record a 5-second video of a teammate performing it.Sing Along: Choose a popular song and rewrite the lyrics to be about your team. Record a 5-second video of your team performing it and enter the original song’s title in caption space.

Your team won’t be able to help but have a blast with this activity.

22. Virtual Icebreaker Games


You know what they say. Absence makes the heart grow fonder! So, whether you’ve got new teammates getting onboarded or just want to get reacquainted with your existing colleagues after all this time apart, you’ll love virtual icebreaker games.

We know that the word “icebreakers” probably makes you cringe. It’s likely it brings to mind thoughts of tacky pick-up lines at speed dating sessions or an uncomfortable “get-to-know-your-colleagues” game. But hear us out.

They can be fun, not awkward, and bring out some hilarious responses.

We wrote an entire blog post outlining The Best 164 Team Building Questions and Icebreakers for Meetings, but you can apply them to almost any scenario.

They include:

Be honest, how often do you work from bed?If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be?If you could add a word to the dictionary what would you add and what would it mean?The zombie apocalypse is coming. Who are three people you want on your team?

If you got a laugh at those, check out the other 159, then jump on a video conference with your colleagues and dive into them.

23. Virtual Lunch Meetings

If you want to give your team the opportunity to simply get together and socialize in a non-work capacity, you might want to consider hosting virtual lunch meetings from time to time.

The premise is simple: give each team member a preset budget – we recommend twenty dollars – that they can expense back to the company. Let everyone grab whatever they want for lunch and simply sign on to Zoom together to chat, catch up, and enjoy each other’s company.

24. Birth Map

It can be a lot of fun getting to know a bit more about your colleagues and their histories. And with a virtual team building game like Birth Map, you might be surprised what you learn about people.

In this activity, you’ll need to create a collaborative Google Map. You can do this by:

Signing into a Google accountClick Menu > Your Places > MapsClick Create MapDecide on your location (this can be cities, landmarks, countries, or the entire world)Share your map by clicking Share > Sharing Settings and then inviting your colleagues

Once you’ve given access to your teammates, invite them to place a sticker on or near the place where they were born.

Then, using a video conferencing platform of your choice, ask your teammates to share a story from their birthplace or talk about their favorite thing about it.

25. Online Trivia

What’s more fun than putting your skills to the test at a game of virtual trivia with your colleagues? With an app like Springworks’s Trivia extension, you can integrate this fun and engaging game directly into your remote team’s Slack or Microsoft Teams workspace so that you can get together and tackle thousands of quizzes, word puzzles, and trivia questions together.

26. Quizbreaker

Are you looking for ways to make virtual team building a recurring activity? With Quizbreaker, you can deliver scheduled team building quizzes to your team’s inbox, anytime you want. Quizbreaker delivers up to 100 predeveloped icebreaker questions to your team members via email. Then, colleagues are tasked with trying to guess the correct answers in gamified quiz rounds sent out on autopilot to help teammates get to know each other better and to have fun in the process.

Virtual team building activities are a great way to connect your remote employees during this time of self-isolation and working from home. Whether you choose to participate ina virtualClue Murder Mystery, an onlinegame of cards, a videocoffee date, or an e-learning session,these activities can allhelpboostemployeemorale andengagement.

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Has your group tried any virtual team building activities? Let us know how it went in thecommentsbelow!

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