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CEO request us to conduct: “Go beyond comfort zone”. I choose Viet Challenge & and it”s turn to an amazing experienced for all of us. Lots of activities, team member helping each others to get over the obstacle as well as the fearness when jump, climb, swim, ect… We understand each other more, get lots of sharings & lesson to learn in business life.
Viet Challenge: your team is really active, care for the travellers (even our group is 25 persons), big thanks to: Duan, Giac, Cuong, Tu



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All reviews mango amazing experience canyoning trip nice lunch these guys mountain biking small group banh mi adrenaline rush always felt safe great adventure alex dom thai fun company vic

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Had an absolutely brilliant day, we were both new to canyoning but felt very reassured by whole team who are very friendly and helpful. Great range of activity from jumping, abseilling and water sliding. Lunch was excellent and the whole trip was organised extremely well. They also carry a wet bag with a guy who will take photos for you if you bring your camera. We have a big camera and were concerned about taking it but it was fine, did not get wet and he got some incredible photos. Overall cannot recommend strongly enough.

I am a climber, so I immediately noticed the anchoring. There was no redundancy in the carabiners (meaning they only used one carabiner in the anchors, not 2 as is standard everywhere that I have climbed and how I have been taught). I also noticed that the safety line was attached to the hardware strap on everyone”s harness… with a carabiner. That means that if your hardware strap failed, you would be gone. It should have been a. TIED and b. on the harness itself, not the hardware strap. Thirdly, the guides were attached to the anchors with non-locking carabiners that were not climbing grade! Not to mention that my belay carabiner had grooves in it and they didn”t have properly fitted helmets or life jackets for everyone.Overall, don”t get me wrong, it was good fun and nothing we did would have been so dangerous that someone would have been seriously injured if something would have happened. I don”t think that these issues are exclusive to Viet Challenge- all canyoning companies in Da Lat use similar equipment and the same course. I just hope the bolts are redone often enough!

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