8 Of The Top 10 Trends In Team Building For 2018, Yes, Team Building Is A Waste Of Time


Corporate leaders, trainers, coaches, and consultants are drawn to team building because of its long-term effectiveness in the workplace. As we look toward goal achievement and plans for individual and team development, it’s valuable to know the trends in the business.

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  Key benefits of team building include:Communication enhancement – breaking down barriersBuild on individual strengths and strengthen leadership skillsCreate opportunities for groups of people to work with each other to accomplish goals and objectivesLeveraging resources – break down silosTap into new avenues of creativity and brainstormingProject management, organization and teamwork skills 

Here is a list of the top 10 team building trends for 2018:


#1. Team Building that gives back to the community

Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropic focused events; charity bike build, putt putt for pantry, backpacks for kids, to name a few.

#2. TV-inspired events

Min It to Win It Teams, music and video events, Corporate Survivor, Amazing Race and game show simulations.

#3. Virtual team building events

On-line and multi-location interactive events.

#4. Culinary-centric Events

Sangria making and marketing challenge, stir-fry cooking challenge, bake a cake and chili cook-off.

#5. Team building with movement, art and music

Drum circles, team movement, team artwork projects.

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#6. Technology and Gaming

Smart phone hunts, urban gaming, iPad team events,

#7. Team Development Events

Experience-based training events tied to specific team or corporate development objectives.

#8. Business Simulations

Leadership and business skills development.

#9. Outdoor and Adventure-based

Strategic activities, ropes challenge courses, build a boat and orienteering.

#10. Multi-day destination retreats

Consultative experience-based professional development events.

Team events are not to be confused with recreational activities. The ROI and true value of a well-facilitated team building experience comes from process, debrief and reflective questioning.

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