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???????????? “Valentine's day” is coming! So, are you looking for some fun, for example cool “KISSING GAMES” to vietfriend.vn with your friends? If so, prepare for the coolest “PARTY GAMES” ever!????????????

If you like “free games for girls and boys” such as “truth or dare”, “decision maker” and “wheel simulator”, then you're also going to love this “love game”. Download our ????‍Valentine Kissing Games????‍ and have the time of your life for “lovers day”! “Truth or dare games for girls and boys” are a great way to have fun at the birthday party or Valentine's day party and steal a kiss from your crush at the same time.

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So, don't hesitate to try out our fun kissing “social games” and make your parties the best ever!


???????????? How to install “love games for girls”: ????????????

Home – Menu – Wallpapers – “Live Wallpapers” – ????‍Valentine Kissing Games????‍.


???????????? How to vietfriend.vn this love “bottle flip” game: ????????????
Choose “real kissing games” wallpaper with two or more different kissing actions;
The number of vietfriend.vners: minimum four is best.
Form a circle with your friends and place your device in the center;
Swipe left or right to make the bottle spin;
Swipe once to get instructions; Swipe again to see whom to kiss;
Will it be a “lips to lips kissing” or “French kissing”? Express your creativity and think of new ways to vietfriend.vn!
vietfriend.vn ????‍Valentine Kissing Games????‍ – a game with “fun challenges for teens”!


???????????? Features of this “kissing your crush” game: ????????????
Choose predefined “kiss me” “valentines background” and images of the spinner like love bottle, “teddy bear” or “cupid arrow” to make your own “custom spin wheel”;
Select “be my valentine” “dare games” with two or more kissing instructions;
Easy-to-use: just tap once to preview the “kiss wallpaper” and hold to set it;
It's compatible with 99% smartphone and tablet devices;
Landscape mode and home screen switching are fully supported;
It has optimized battery usage.
If you like our “hot lip kiss” app, rate it and leave a comment below!

Kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute. So, what are you waiting for? 😉

???????????? Ask the person you like – “will you be my Valentine”? Then spin the bottle of love for “St Valentine” and find out the answer to the question – 'To kiss or not to kiss'? ????????????

If you like cool “kissing tests”, then you are going to love our “spin to win” app, too! This “party app” will help you get some “kiss practice” and learn “how to kiss” with your crush! “Romantic kiss”, “deep kiss” or “tongue kiss” – our “free kissing games” will decide! Whether or not you're happy in love in the real world, you're sure to get lucky in these “teenage games” that we have prepared for you!


???????????? Surprise your sweetheart with the best “Valentines gifts” and our ????‍Valentine Kissing Games????‍ and let the Valentine party started! ????????????
Choose a bottle, teddy bear or a love key to match with a cool “wallpaper background” and design your very own “spin bottle” wallpaper. If you are out of cool “teen birthday party ideas”, this is the right app for you, for sure!

????????????This is a perfect opportunity for you to see if your crush is interested in you and dazzle him or her with your kissing skills!????????????
Download ????‍Valentine Kissing Games????‍ and try our “birthday party games for teenagers”! Create your perfect “first kiss” with these fun “kiss games” and experience the kisses you won't ever forget! “Happy Valentine's day”!

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