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Viết đoạn văn bằng tiếng Anh về chuyến du lịch Nha Trang

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đã trả lời19 tháng 4, 2020bởi NicT_NaRiCử nhân(4k điểm) ● 7 ● 33 ● 293

Vietnam has many famous tourist cities and places of interest. I have long been looking forward to seeing Nha Trang beach, one of the most beautiful seaside cities in Vietnam. Last summer, despite good academic performance, I made that wish come true.The night came, I could not sleep because I was eager to go. After finishing cleaning, my mother prepared for the family a very good morning. At six o”clock, the bus started to leave, I told myself I had to stay awake to admire the beautiful scenery on my way to Nha Trang but I fell asleep every time.From Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang is 430km long for cars, about 7 hours by car, by the afternoon the car has reached Nha Trang. From a distance, looking at the beautiful and cool Nha Trang beach, on the white sandy beach, the boys happily build sand castles, in my heart I want to jump out of the bus to fly back to those sandy beaches.Finally came to Nha Trang. I was in a very nice hotel, had a swimming pool and the rooms there were very clean and comfortable. After resting and having a meal, my parents took me to the beach and had fun. As rumored Nha Trang beach is very beautiful and dreaming, the sand surface is white. After swimming and having fun, I went back to the hotel to rest. In the evening, my father and my mother took us to eat seafood like crabs and shrimp.The food I”ve been eating but this time it felt very different. When I was full, I walked on the beach, the waves sounded happy, the wind blew, the colorful lights of the restaurants of high-rise buildings made this dream city. become more gorgeous.The next morning, I had to say goodbye to the beautiful Nha Trang beach and I was allowed to visit my parents in an equally interesting place which is monkey island. To get to Monkey Island, my family had to sit on a ship to go to the island. Sitting on the ship, I can admire the beautiful scenery around. The coast is clear with low mountains, the birds flying are looking very happy. After a while, drunkenly watching the sea, a small island soul appeared before my eyes.After I got to the island, my father found a shade for lunch, and after eating, my family started to visit a group of monkeys on the island. This was the first time I was on monkey island, I was worried about whether mischievous monkeys would tease me or worry, my mother showed me a bunch of monkeys gathering together, how many hundred monkeys.At first I did not dare to feed the monkeys, but later I found them very friendly so I gave them some bananas, those monkeys were not so mischievous but were very intelligent, I wanted to bring them back. After a day of playing with the monkeys, I had to say goodbye to them and to the poetic city of Nha Trang to be able to go home.How nice this trip was, I was able to visit and learn more things. I promise to study well, have many achievements so my parents can take me to more interesting places.

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đã trả lời14 tháng 4, 2020bởi FutariCử nhân(2.8k điểm) ● 4 ● 13 ● 37
My first visit to Nha Trang, a coastal city in Vietnam, was three years ago. It was a pleasant and memorable trip.Nha Trang, the Capital of Khanh Hoa province, has one of the most popular municipal beaches in all of Vietnam. In Nha Trang, nature beauties are so attractive. Waves crashing onto the cliffs; the soft sigh of the sea breeze; clean white sands and turquoise waters; it all makes for a marvelous landscapes. It’s no accident that Nha Trang is often compared to a Mediterranean City. During my visit to Nha Trang, I used to get up early each morning to stroll along the beach – a chance of breathing in the fresh sea air and enjoy the sunrise across the water. One attraction that captivated me three years ago and still it does is the collection of small offshore islands. Hon Tre is the largest among the islands, and Monkey island is, as the name suggests, the home of hundreds of wild monkeys. Yen island is known for its swifts’ nests. Tri Nguyen island is the location of an outdoor aquarium housing more than 400 species of fish, crustaceans and other marine life.That trip, I spent the whole day roaming the Ponaga Cham towers. These ancient Hindu temples were built from the 7th to 12th century. Many of the sandstone statues from this time still remain among the red brick towers, typical of Cham architecture.Nha Trang is the city in harmony: its fine weather, favorite position and friendly people bring it a certain balance. Nha Trang is a perfect tourist destination. As I left, I was reminded of one reason I like the place so much. I hope to have chance to come back.

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