Eight Great Motivational Video Clips For Inspiring Your Team Building Clip Art


You know that feeling you get after a good conference, training session or great speech?

Invigorated and inspired to go forth and do great work!

Unfortunately, as we get back into the rhythms of everyday life, we tend to lose that feeling. Urgency dissipates and we’re left chugging along without much thought.

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This happens to work teams all the time too. A new project is started with vigor and tenacity but then, somehow falls into a rut.

To get us back on track, sometimes all it takes is the right message delivered in the right way. That message should come from you, the team leader. But your words will be much moresalientin the rightatmosphere.

Set the right mood by beginning a collaboration meeting with a motivating video.

Here are a few you can use to reignite your team’s creative fire and foster collaboration.

Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team

In this 6 minute TED Talk, Tom Wujec outlines his research on the “marshmallow challenge”. The teambuilding exercise involves one yard of tape, dry spaghetti and a marshmallow. It’s rather simple but his study gives great insight into the nature collaboration.

This is a great way to demonstrate that jockeying for power can hinder teamwork. It also points out that sometimes the best way to see if something will work is to try it, then refine it. If you’re stuck in the planning process, this is a great reminder that we can’t plan every detail and often it’s better not to try.

Levitating People by Jon Petz

This demonstration by motivational speaker, Jon Petz is pretty amazing. You can use this video to illustrate the importance of every team member’s contribution or the power of team support.

The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown

One of the biggest barriers to creativity is fear. This talk by Brene Brown outlines why vulnerability is an important and necessary part of being creative. With a decade of research to back her up, Brene talks about why we should be kinder and gentler to ourselves and to not fear mistakes. This is an important philosophy to foster when the success of your team depends on the creativity of the individuals on that team.

Show this video if you want to impress upon your team that they work in a safe space. A place where it’s ok to fail as long as lessons are learned and they give it their all.

TMB Panyee FC Short Film

This five-minute video tells the true story of the original Panyee FC soccer team. Living on a floating island with little room to walk, let alone play soccer, a group of young boys had the creativity and gumption to find a way to play a game they always loved to watch. Now the team is considered one of the best youth leagues in Southern Thailand, winning the Youth Championships 7 times in a row.

This short film underlines the fact that the seemly impossible is made possible through creativity and teamwork.

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Obvious to you. Amazing to others. By Derek Sivers

A short reminder that we are often our own worst critics, this video asks, “Are you holding back something that seems too obvious to share?”

Failure vs. Success by Bluefishtv.com

This video highlights the failures of well-known successful people. In the end, it boldly states, “If you haven’t failed, you haven’t lived.”

This would be a great moral booster after a project didn’t go as planned.

As One Summoning the Force

This motivational montage highlights the power of purpose when individual actions are transformed into the collective action of a team. The music really intensifies the experience so turn up those speakers!

Kid President – Pep talk about Teamwork and Leadership

In this video, the precocious Kid President tell us, “We were made to be awesome.” It’s cute. It’s inspiring. It’s a great way to open a productive meeting.

There’s a reason this little pep talk has over 35 million views.

Restoring Teamwork – from “Here Comes The Boom”

This short and inspiring clip brings to light the effects of individual stagnation on a team. When one member of a team isn’t in motion, the entire team is drained and slowed. If the stagnation continues, the entire organization eventually dies.

But Kevin James reminds us that this derogation can be restored. If one person makes the effort to get back on track, it can energize the entire team. Then by working together as a productive team, they can heal the entire system.

Teamwork – by Igniter Media

This video demonstrates the power of teamwork through song by the odd, yet funny, characters Johnny and Chachi. It demonstrates the power of building on each other’s strengths to create a powerful effect.

Teamwork with Minions

This short, funny clip shows the famous minions attempting to change a light bulb with some out of the box thinking and collaboration. One minion stands to the side, laughing and being generally unhelpful. In the end the team fails, everyone falls and the unhelpful minion is electrocuted.

Use this video to demonstrate the importance of team encouragement.

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A powerful video can really set the tone for a productive meeting. Are there any videos or movie clips you think would inspire a team? Comment below.

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